Ownable Cars

Hey guys!

I’ve added some cars to my RP server and was wondering if anyone knew how I could make them ownable like a door?



As far as I know, they SHOULD be ownable, or else, you should lock them.

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They’re bought through entities like money printers but they dont show up where you can press f2 to own it like a door. Kind of ruins having cars as anyone can just get in and drive it.


Nobody knows?

I assume you are using dark RP.
I can help you out, But need more information on how you are selling the cars (telling me from an entity is not enough).
What addon/entity?

Ok. Im using Kumo’s cars and i’ve added them as a custom vehicle (/AddCustomVehicle …) in the addentities.Lua.

The car dealer buys the cars through the F4 menu in the same way that you would buy a money printer.

Hope this helps.


WOW i did not realise dark RP had its own car dealer system now. Though never needed it cus i wrote my own npc car dealer.

Ok back on topic:

I just read though the main.lua file where DarkRP spawns the cars. It is already coded to give that player ownership. So mabey you may just need to update your DarkRP svn.

I’ll try that. Thanks dude.

The only reason i’ve added the cars is due to a move from Downtown to a bigger map. Spending 10 minutes just to get to your house is tiresome!

Contact me if you need any more helps.