Hi, just made a dedicated server today and was wondering how I would make myself owner/operator I’ve made myself admin with ass mod, but I’m not allowed to change any of the menu commands such as fog, and SV_cheats 1.

was just wondering if there is a rcon command that gives ownership cause I can’t find one.

rcon give ownership “steamID”
or something like that.
I know my steam ID and rcon Pass. But no idea what the comannd is.
Any info would be nice thanks :smiley:

rcon_password passwordhere
sv_cheats 1


I’m pretty sure there’s an option in assmod to run commands.

If you want to add yourself as an admin on a dedicated server, your Steam ID must be in the “users.txt” file found in the “garrysmod\settings” directory.

Im not entirely sure on how to exactly do it, but it worth a shot

I have found a solution. the only problem is i have to run everything with “rcon” in front of it -_- kind of annoying but doable.

In the SRCDS server console type:
ASS_GiveOwnerShip (NAME)
No brackets.