OWNing map before uploading to Toybox.

When I was trying to put my map to toybox, and make it Live, a message appered on my monitor:

Make sure you OWN the map before you make it Live. If you don't, you risk having your Steam account banned from ToyBox permanently.

It's also pretty nice to include map icons with your map, to make it prettier in the start game menu.

I don’t want to lose Toybox, soo… What’s going on? Is that means I must create a map, or I must have it on Steam folder? Or what?

I think it means that it must be you who was the author of the map, so you can’t upload other people’s maps.

Well, the creator of Hammer is Valve, so it’s Valve. xD
But yea, I made it, so I’ll upload this. ^^
Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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One more question…
How to delete file from content?
I want to delete my old version of map, but file is still existing in content!
I don’t want to rename map, so please, help me as much as you can.

Content deleting doesn’t work at the moment. (See topic). I’ve got the same issue. I want to delete an old version of my map and upload a new version.

Well, seems we need to wait…
But thanks for replay, I though only I have a problem.