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New Server!

Based in the uk.

Press F1 and type: net.connect


  • No Wipe - Buildings are managed in another way and so lag will not be an issue
  • No Dura - Items will not decay with use
  • Half Craft - All crafting takes half the amount of time
  • Base Share - Bases can be shared with select people (Varying levels of access can be granted)
  • Starter Kit - Helps you survive that first day (Can use every 12 hours)
  • Remover - Can remove building parts that have been misplaced (They are returned to your inventory)
  • Arrow retrieval - 50% of arrows can be retrieved
  • Active Admin - Will manage any issues
  • There are also many small yet useful features in place!

Hope to see you around :slight_smile:

**Take advantage of the low server population before it increases!

  • Mine resources without being killed
  • Choose the best places to build a base
  • Get a head start**