Oxide 1.7.2 ??

Hey guys, i have a server with those addons.

airdrop caller
and alot more.

since i updated my server to 1.7.2 which has happend automatically on my host. all my addons doesnt work anymore?

what to do?

Did you update the addons?

no addons are Oxide Compatibility:

Cant see the 1.7.2 on no addon atm.

If 1.7.2 just released, you’re going to have to wait for the addons to also get updated. And then update them.

Everything doesn’t magically jump ahead all at once.

BUT Y IT NO WURK =((((((((((

Do you own rust on steam?

did everybody else loose all their houses cause of update from oxide?

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i made a backup yesterday, and i am trying to get it to work. but i can’t what am i doing wrong?

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what i am doing is. i am taking the Rust_island_2013.sav.old file and rename it to. Rust_island_2013.sav -> so it is getting the main. and trying to restart the server. but still no houses

My Multiplay server is running Oxide 1.17.2 after a restart with zero problems. No data losses (world or characters) that sounds like your data has been wiped, -snip- and who is your provider? they may be able to explain to you a more reliable way of performing a restore of your data, because simply renaming files like that seems a bit unlikely.

It may be specific plugins that you are using that need updating, use the Oxide forums to report issues with individual plugins to their authors.

i got.

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i also had multiplaygameservers but i changed. now i think this host sux. when i update my addons i will get wiped my whole server…

Is there no restore backup option from the control panel? I can’t really advise you as I have no experience of Nitrous control panel.

I would open up a support ticket for Nitrous as they may have had some unrelated server issue that caused a wipe of your backed up data, do you have other backups? are you certain of the date of the backup being the correct one and not a later automatic backup?