Oxide and PvE-PvP server.

Hi! I want to do PvE-PvP server and for this I need to disable C4 dmg. Any idea how can I disable c4 samage via rcon? I try server.pvp false, but I can place C4 and destroy walls and shelters…

I searched plugin like a “Explosive charge controller”, but for work I need type in chat commands (how to use “/cmd” in console - i dont know - any ideas?)

You need to install Crafting Controller plugin on your server and then after restart edit cfg_craftingcontroller.txt to something like this:

Go to http://forum.rustoxide.com/ for more info.

  1. How it help me? Players can craft it at PvP mode then in PvE he can destoy houses :frowning:
  2. I dont have ftp access or somthing to change it via CRONTAB or etc.