Oxide Enabled - Official Radtown Gaming Server - Door Sharing | Starter Kits

Server Info:
Location: Dallas, TX
Created: 1/11/14
Name:[US][Door Share|OXIDE]Official Radtown Gaming[PvP|SLP][NEW]

Server settings:
Max Players: 100
Sleep: On
Airdrop min players: 15
Crafting time: 1/2 craft
Admin Abuse: None

What is Oxide?

Full info can be found here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1340634

This mod allowed us to enable door sharing on the server. To use this in game type “/share playername” (replace playername with person you wish to share with). This can be undone with “/unshare playername”. All commands are typed directly in chat, not the F1 console window.

We have also enabled Kits. This allows you to type “/kit starter” upon joining the server and be presented with a nice little starting gift. The kit contains: 3 cooked Chicken, a sleeping bag, and a stone hatchet! Note: This kit can only be redeemed twice, so be safe!

Radtown Gaming:
We strive to provide the best environment for those looking to enjoy their time in Rust. We are also working on setting up our own dedicated website with a forum to provide more of a community than what you get on your standard servers. This will be coming soon

We look forward to seeing you in game! If you have any other questions/concerns feel free to ask!

Note this is a pvp server, someone will likely shoot at you and you will die eventually. However, griefing in terms of “base stuffing” will not be tolerated. Base stuffing is defined by the act of intentionally ruining someone’s base design by dropping pillars/ceilings/walls/etc to render their base useless just to be a d*ck. Be respectful of others and have a good time!

Been looking for a new oxide server to play on, when was the last wipe for this server?

Will there be bacon?

This is a brand new server that was freshly created on 1/11/14 (updated the OP with this info)

It’s a BYOB server (bring your own bacon). But we do have an abundance of Chicken Breasts. :slight_smile:

Bump :dance:

So far I’m digging the server. Admins seem pretty cool.

Thanks, glad you are enjoying it!

We have been filling up steadily throughout the day. Met a lot of cool people already. :yarr:

We still have slots to fill. Anyone looking for a newly created Oxide server, this is your place! :wink:

Spent a few hours farming and building on this server. Friendly admins, friendly players. People actually chat (sometimes to pigs). Seem to be a few different folks gathering together in different groups, so hoping for some solid competition in the near future. Come join!

Still plenty of resources for the gathering! We have a few small regulars but nothing too over the top. Very cool people so far.

Bring your friends, or bring yourself if you are looking for a nice spot to play and get started! :dance:

Still looking to get a few more active groups in here! There is plenty of space for new groups to join in :slight_smile:

Due to popular demand we have changed to 1/2 craft :slight_smile: