Oxide Forum issues

Hi All,

Is anyone else have issue posting/accessing the oxide forums? I was hoping to give some feedback for a few plugins I’ve been trialing but every time I attempt to post the browser hangs ( 3 small, black square in the top right of the browser activate to suggest it’s thinking) and then times out. I’m using Firefox, but the issue is in IE too.

I can still download plugins, just not post…

Any clues?


Found the issue.
You’re not using Chrome.
You should change that.

worryingly tempted, but feel the big G owns enough of my soul as it is >.<

hmm, I’m still have issues some 15 hrs later, Is anyone else experiencing posting issues on the oxide forums?

yes their forum has been down all day. They posted it on the oxide thread in the rust modding section.

aka “Database issue”

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Oxide forums are now back up.