Oxide MOD Help

So i installed OXIDE on my server this morning. I restarted my server and logged on. Seemed to be working fine. Could not check status of door sharing but there was a welcoming message when i logged on so i logged out excited everything was good in my little world. I come back after work to try out the new mods and see if anyone had any issues while i was away. Well come to find out the MODS are not working. No one was able to share a door, or pull up the in game list of players or get the welcoming message upon first log-in. Is there something i need to do to activate Oxide again on my server? Should i uninstall and reinstall? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you installed the Door Sharing mod?

Can you give me link to download Oxide mod?

I did install the door sharing MOD, and a couple others. I haven’t narrowed it down yet but one of the MODS is stopping the others from working. Trying to figure it out. Once i do ill post it here which was causing the issue. As to the download Fifex there is no link its just something i can turn off or on within my server page. So no links.

You need to completely uninstall it:

Stop server, uninstall. Start server, stop server, install oxide, install oxide mods (try and just do doors/chat/pm or something) then start server.