Oxide MOTD setup

Hello guys new to looking at this sort of program so i’m a bit of a nooblet and need help setting up a MOTD, i’ve had a fiddle but not changed much as i didn’t want to ruin the template.

{“PrivateChat”:[“Welcome |USERNAME|!”,“Have fun and play fair!”],“AllChat”:["|USERNAME| (|STEAMID| / |STEAMID64|) connected."],“Notice”:[“Welcome |USERNAME|!”]}
{“PrivateChat”:[“Door Sharing /share “Name”, /unshare “Name””]}
{“PrivateChat”:["/List shows active players. /history shows previous chat"]}
{“PrivateChat”:["/ghelp for group info and commands."]}

This is what i came up with i have a few ideas on what i’m doing wrong but don’t want to keep restarting the server and disrupting the players so if someone could just point the obvious at me that would be great. Thank you.

I’m not sure you can use multiples like that. The correct way to setup multiple lines is:

{“PrivateChat”:[“Welcome |USERNAME|!”,“Have fun and play fair!”,“Door Sharing /share ‘Name’, /unshare ‘Name’”,"/List shows active players. /history shows previous chat","/ghelp for group info and commands."],“AllChat”:["|USERNAME| (|STEAMID| / |STEAMID64|) connected."],“Notice”:[“Welcome |USERNAME|!”]}

You also can’t have “” anywhere in your line or it thinks it’s the end/beginning of a new quote.

I thought that might have been the issue. Thank you for the help.