oxide patch

can anyone confirm if they had a working oxide patch on there rented server
last night at 11pm uk time ???

regards will

There was a oxide update which fixed it first, but in the night there were some more updates.




I can send you the file, if you want to, ask Wulfspider, there was a working one out by then. I’m not interested in any shitstorm, i only want to make things clear, and there was a update out by that time.

ok what about the other weekend when we didnt get oxide patch and your excuse was sorry forgot to rename the update patch

As i said on that weekend it was a mistake, the package was packed wrongly, the oxide files were in the main folder, and not sent into /Release , so it works with the steam - updated rust_dedicated_server downloadable by appid 258550.

For your understanding, here screens of the uploaded files around 23:00 german time last evening.

not been funny if what you say is true then a server with oxide is not a very reliable server then

Why blaming oxide ? I didn’t shut my pc off this night, and i can see that there was a rust update 2:00 in the morning.

I also watched the oxide ressource , so i got a email notification.

There was 2 updates last night with strange stuff going on with clients that couldn’t connect to servers.
anyway everything is back to normal now.
download the latest server and latest oxide and everything will work.

look i dont want to argue further ive had enough not because of oxide but because of poor support

The AI is all messed up in the last Rust patch from last night.
no worry about animals chasing you around for now at least.

Well i dont think you can blame Anyone, We all know that at every update things are messed up for couple hours, rust pushing an update, oxide pushing the update then the hosts pushing the update (doing all that takes time for each steps) then usually the initial patchs of rust are fucked, so they make à Quick update to fix the most important stuff, so then oxide needs to push the update and again the hosts …
So yeah it takes time but nothing can be done, we all dépend on how/when rust makes the updates.
I woudlnt be surprised if they make an update on monday also to fix other stuff (like animal movement).

reneb im blaming dein for poor support hes had me with my server shut for 24hours because no update only to find that he had uploaded it but didnt change name, so yes i can blame them

-actually, snip-

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