[OXIDE][PRIMITIVE]Wicketts.net Gaming Rust Server PVP/Sleepers/Door Sharing 1-13 Wipe

[OXIDE][Primitive] Wicketts.net PVP/Sleepers/DS 1-18 Wipe

Door Sharing
Custom Loot Tables
Balanced Gameplay
Friendly Admins
No Admin Abuse
Item Restrictions
Teamspeak Server Available

We have restricted the use of certain items on the server. In fact, you cannot even get an MP5 or M4. This is so that the gap between geared and ungeared players is more balanced. The only way to acquire C4 is through airdrops, and it is scarce at that. Raiding on the server does occur, however, infrequently due to the lack of explosive charge availability.

Available weapons:
Stone Hatchet
Pipe Shotgun
Bolt Action Rifle

Restricted Craft Items:

Explosive Charge
Kevlar Vest
Kevlar Pants
Kevlar Boots
Kevlar Helmet
F1 Grenade
Bolt Action Rifle
9MM Pistol

We want to see highly competitive, well balanced gameplay from our community. What our loot lists and item rarity has done so far is forced users to compete for airdrops as well as farm zombies. This pushes for map-wide confrontations on a regular basis. The severely limited C4 flow means less loss for players, and more reward for fierce airdrop competition.

We hope to get more players on the server to grow the community. We have a Teamspeak available for all mature players. The Teamspeak server requires administrative approval for all users who join. By strictly moderating the Teamspeak server, we can assure that our users are not bothered by immature bickering. In order to be whitelisted for the Teamspeak server, you will need to communicate with an admin on our Rust server.

Hacking and Racism are bannable offenses, there are no warnings. We have a zero tolerance policy.

We look forward to welcoming more players into our gaming group. We like to play many games, and enjoy playing with friendly, mature individuals.

Other games we enjoy:

Killing Floor
Unreal Tournament 3 Black
Minecraft (Hexxit)

Hello, I am new to rust and I like that fact that you restricted the items you listed.

I am interested in joining your TeamSpeak 3 Server.

I am 24 years old and live in Eastern Time zone, feel free to add me on steam

We will be happy to get you on there. We are currently upgrading our NAS that hosts our VMs. After that is complete TS will be back up and available to join. You can get the address from the Rust server. After I am off work I will have it working again.

Wipe 1-18 2014 for the Oxide update and some loot table revamps.

Just joined this server. Good community and with rare military you don’t see roving bands of kevlar clad children.