☞Oxide|PvP|Arena|Starter Kit|Survival|Active Admins☜

Thank you for taking the time to carouse our post!

Our brand new Rust server, running Oxide has just been wiped starting today, at 23:00 EST (-5 GMT) 05/12/14.

Come and join us for our new start! 23:00 EST (-5 GMT) 05/12/14.

What you can expect from our server:

Vanilla features. - *This includes craft time, durability, fall damage, and PvP. *

Quality of Life commands. - This includes commands such as /sethome, /home, /remove, /share, and friendly teleports.

Active Administration and Moderators. - GGaming has a team of active Moderators and Administrators who’s goal is to make your experience with us a positive one, providing around the clock support and in game help!

Future Server-Wide Events. - Including Arena Plug-Ins and much more. Win cool prizes and packages containing in-game loot!

Join our community by visiting us on our website! GGaming.net!.

**Join us on TeamSpeak 3! **- Our TeamSpeak 3 Server IP: ts3.ggaming.net

BUMP - New arena fully operational! Come play :slight_smile: