OXIDE + Rust Linux?

Have someone got OXIDE working with rust Linux server? If so how do I make it work? :slight_smile:

Ask the Oxide forums.

I have done that to.

But if someone know how to do this and wants to make a step by step guide, if it don’t take to much time i will be very grateful.

I have a linux rust server installed and working. I found an OXIDE version for linux but I cant find any instructions how to make it work but some people seems to have got it working. I did upload OXIDE to my rust server and overwrite some existing files and folders, but… I dont find any way to check if its working. I don’t even find how to install plugins. Probobly because its very simple and should be in \rust_server\RustDedicated_Data\Plugins\x86_64, \rust_server\RustDedicated_Data\Managed\x64 or \rust_server\RustDedicated_Data\Managed\x86. I have tested that with one plugin and it did not work and I don’t find any information to confirm if I’m near or not even close to do this right.

OXIDE linux version:

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I got it working. I use ubuntu 15.10.

  1. Install rust on linux. (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Rust_Dedicated_Server)

  2. Download OXIDE for linux here: http://oxidemod.org/threads/rust-server-on-linux-natively.16255/

  3. Copy the files straight to your rust folder and replace all files and folders thats needed.

  4. Install plugins here: \rust_server\server\my_server_identity\oxide\plugins

I did just put the plugin in the wrong folder before and OXIDE was running fine.

Hi, I have configured server on Linux with Oxide, but RustServer wastes resources a lot for nothing. Empty servers 3500 size map without players eats 45-50% CPU (Xenon E5620). And I have gotten one bug, players have god mode for all (without oxide mod/vanilla). After restart the server all will work correctly.