Oxide - Rust Short Film - (Live Action)

Good job, keep it up!

**Great film! i enjoyed it!

however, i think for the next movie you should capture the standing still while picking things up / looting essence i really liked that about the other live action film.
keep it as “Rust” as possible :slight_smile:

however as i said i really enjoyed it and hope you make more videos! keep up the good work!**

really liked the blueprint and the radpills haha

Thumbs up man, I liked it.

Here i was about to bash you for posting yet ANOTHER useless video and damn, That was actually pretty good! Props bro. Is it too early to start demanding part 2?

These real life rust videos have me laughing my ass off every time. Great job on this do more please!!

It’s pretty impressive that you managed to actually get Rust models into the video. It’s not often you get some work that’s Rust related where someone puts that much effort into it.

Gave it a like, I enjoyed it.

very nice , well done :smiley:

I thought the guy wearing white was gonna find an m4 and kill the other one but he found a sleeper :smiley:

Wow! Impressive. I’d like to see more.

Its a very good video. But for me, its still tied with pandymazz’s short.