[Oxide] Rust UK/25.02/No Lag/Events/Starter Kits/Active Admins

New sever freshly setup with the popular oxide mods, server is completely lag free based in Germany but with a ping of 30-50 to UK. We already have 6-7 active players on the server in the first day. Events will be held when we have a few more people on including hunger games style game modes and bear fights. We have active admins on that don’t interfere with game play but are helpful when needed.
No one has made much progress yet so now is the time to join!
Some of the mods include:
Enemies - Add people that wrong you to a list then gear up and hunt them down!
Welcome kits - Receive a stone hatchet and 5 chicken for your first 3 spawns to help you get on your feet
Oxmin - Basic oxmin setup Remove - Remove misplaced materials and have them returned (maybe revised at some point)
I am looking to add an economy mode and auction house to the server shortly and maybe an exp/skills system once the mods are to the way I want them.
Any questions let me know