[Oxide] Sinster Builders | All Out PvP | 1/4 Craft | WHITELIST SERVER

*Hey fellow Rust survivalist! Just letting everyone know we are looking for more players & groups to join our server and play! *

About The Server!
This server is based on a realism survival mod. Miltitary grade weapons & armor CANNOT be learned or crafted. This will make raiding more difficult and air drops even MORE important!
Items that are unable to be crafted & learned.

-Kevlar Vest, Pants, Helmet, and Boots
-C4 Charges
-M1 Grenades

This means, raiding will be more challenging & will make you think twice about going out alone!

Name of Server: [Oxide] Sinster Builders | All Out PvP | 1/4 Craft | WHITELIST SERVER
Slots: 100 - Medium Populated Server for All Out PvP & easier farming.
WARNING/REMINDER - This server is not a server for the immature/cry baby type! We do not control KOS, Fresh Spawn Killers, or Raiders. THIS IS A PVP SERVER! Anything can go!

About Our Admins!

  • We are currently doing a Rogue Admin program. All admins are to not reveal their identity or the identities of other admins. We currently have 5 Admins all above the age of 25! The only known authority figure is the OWNER, Jared aka NINxSIN. He is there to make sure the server runs smoothly and thats it!
    • The Admin Program only allows admins to use/spawn Invisible Armor & Teleport. They cannot spawn ANYTHING else. The Invisible Armor + Teleport is to follow a suspected cheater! Once a cheater is accused we will record him for a certain period of time then release the video VIA Facebook/Steam group. The “Admin Council” will review the video & if the user is hacking, they will be banned without any warning. The user will be perm banned from the server and reported to VAC /w video evidence.

How the admins will participate…

  1. We are Friendly but we do like to PvP. We frown upon people killing other survivalist that are naked or cloth wearers.
  2. We like to help out people whenever it is needed.
  3. (Big One) OUR ADMINS DO NOT ABUSE! - We currently have 5 active rogue admins that are very active.
    a. We do not spawn stuff for ourselves or others! - The admins start off as if we just started playing! (exception for promotion)
    b. No Admin weapons, cars, or explosives are to be used on this server!
    c. Admins will not punish if they are killed! It is apart of the game, and we accept it.
  4. The admins should be treated just like any player in the server, but we do ask for Respect.


  2. DO NOT ask for admins to spawn you anything! This will result in an immediate kick followed by a BAN if it should happen again!
  3. We do not take kindly to people who constantly bitch and moan about being killed. This is a PvP based server. If you become an annoyance you will be banned.
  4. NO VAC bans are allowed on this server! Boom Line!
  5. No Chat Spam or Link Posting


  1. All and ANY Vac Banned Players will be banned immediately.
  2. 1 Steam ID per player.
  3. Any invited players will go threw the SAME process that everyone else has gone through.
  4. If a player is caught cheating. They will be added onto the Whitelist banned list. Any servers that have a Whitelist, that user will be automatically banned from all whitelisted servers.

***Promotion via. Facepunch Studios ***

A. 250 Wood Planks + Metal Door
B. 1 Supply Signal (Personal Air Drop)
*******Note: This only applies to the people who bring 3 or more people into the server. (The invited players will also be reviewed for the Whitelist) *****
We cannot wait to get this server rocking! Thank you all for your time!!

The Application can be found HERE —> http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sinisterbuilding/discussions/0/648816743297620016/

Will be going here. Sounds like an amazing server imo. Can’t wait to check it out!

Amazing server great admins no hackers BUMP!

Awesome server and the server owner is very active! He has done a lot of work to make this server very good. If you are looking for a server and have a group come here and check it out! Solo players as well.

We appreciate all of the help and good reviews!

We’re now implementing more non-researchable items!

  • Laser Sight
  • Holo Sight

***Server is now LIVE! *

We currently have 20 players that are ready to join. Thursday 1/16/2014 will be the official day we hand out the IP to everyone! This will be the official launch!
Disclaimer - Our server has been edited and modded to be one of the top servers on Rust! We still have little hiccups but our crew is always on and ready to fix something!

This is just a reminder to any players joining! IT IS ALL OUT PVP!!! If you DO NOT like it… DO NOT JOIN OUR SERVER

Godmod was not on, I killed him with an MP5A4 when he walked up behind me. Thats it. Cry less and you’ll be good at game.

From our application via. Steam

n3ko 25 minutes ago

  1. How many hours do you have on Rust? 291 hours
  2. Do you play with a group? If so, how many? Yes, 4-5 players.
  3. Why do you want to join our server? Friends with Nin, figured id play with him and frankly I like these secure servers.
  4. How will you handle a hacker? What steps will you take to provide proof? Video, report.
  5. Are you comfortable will ALL OUT PVP? Yea.

**tenspeed 30 minutes ago **

  1. How many hours do you have on Rust? 89 hours
  2. Do you play with a group? If so, how many? Yes, 4 players.
  3. Why do you want to join our server? Hopefully in a private server you’ll have less assholes and shitlord admins.
  4. How will you handle a hacker? What steps will you take to provide proof? Report it to the admins, possibly record video of it.
  5. Are you comfortable will ALL OUT PVP? This means anything can go! Frig yes.

ADMINS are just like ANY OTHER PLAYER! We just have the ability to kick/ban - thats it. Don’t like it? Don’t fill out the application saying you agree to all out PvP

A lot of work has gone into this and the server owner is great. This server does however have an admin abuse problem with another individual. The typical flex and ban when you speak against their actions. Try it and enjoy it, but never once speak up.

[editline]16th January 2014[/editline]

Didn’t Kill me, killed the other guy. Your one sided story is lul. I got banned for speaking against someone flexing their admin powers and just being a general child, which is fairly normal when you give most people any bit of power. Either way I hope the server goes well because Nin is a good guy.

After 70+ hours of editing loot tables, finding the perfect crafting time, and tweaking the PERFECT decay rate.

A friend of mine who has many years of server ownership experience, has made one of the best servers in Rust. (in my opinion)

The server is currently WHITE LISTED & to apply you need to fill out a 5 question application. NO VAC BANNED PLAYERS ALLOWED!

The server is based on a realism mod.

You cannot craft the follow:
Explosive Charge
M1 Grenade
Kevlar Chest, Pants, Boots, Helmet

HOWEVER! You can find these! So this makes items on our server even more valuable!

The drop rates have been edited to! So air drops, and zombie farming is a very important part of the mod.

Currently seeking more players! We have 20 strong!

I’ve been playing on this server for a little while now and It is awesome. I haven’t had any problems with hackers. Its a great server for new players and old alike. The Admins are awesome and active. Come play and have a great time.

n3ko, you should come back! there have been many conversations and reconciliations since I last spoke with you.

this is a server for mature players, who want a slower-paced Rust experience, and the potential to build some real cool stuff with some real cool individuals. :slight_smile:

Just like anything the servers are subject to change as the population grows.Even though it is still very few in population, I find myself always getting shot around the airdrops (just like you would with an easy 50-100 pop.) The admins are almost always on and reachable for any reason, and for a limited time the server is open to public! (one week.)

Also, you will never, ever have the same feelings of satisfaction and epicness when you casually open a tiny wooden box for a four slot m4. (why? Can’t craft it, let alone a four slot? mmmmmhmmmm delicious)