[OXIDE] The Realm of Shacks | US-Central Based | PVP | REAL SURVIVAL | Door Sharing | Rare Military Weapons | Half-Craft |

|KoT| The Realm of Shacks [REAL SURVIVAL, Door Sharing, Rare Drops, and more!]

From the people that brought you one of the best old school GMod RP servers comes this fresh RUST experience. Instead of the vanilla Rust play style, we have tailored this gamemode to be much more realistic and survival oriented. Ultra common military weapons as seen in vanilla Rust are now a thing of the past and survival is now more fun and challenging. How long will you last?

We are a community that loves to play rust, and while this is a PVP server, working together is more common than raiding and killing. Because C4 and other end-game items are harder to acquire, raiding is also much less common. Active admins and helpful players help to cement this server as a place that you’ll love coming back to.

Central US
Fresh server as of Jan. 18 2014
net.connect in the rust console (F1)

Features we offer:

  • Active admins
  • No admin abuse
  • Door Sharing
  • PVP
  • Starter Kits
  • Re-balanced loot spawns
  • Restricted crafting of high end weapons
  • Half-craft
  • Rare military weapons (make use of those primitive weapons like you’re supposed to!)
  • Groups
  • Private messaging
  • Air Drops enabled
  • Sleepers enabled


  • No cheating
  • No racism/flaming
  • Basically don’t be an ass

The server will be further tailored and honed based on community feedback, however it will not be wiped unless absolutely necessary.

We hope to see you in our Realm of Shacks!

I also have a mumble server if you’d like to communicate with your friends while playing.

Port: 3062