Oxmin is not recognizing me as admin. (I'm the server owner)

Hi. Me and a friend is setting up a server, we installed the mod Oxmin correctly, but either of us can do the commands /airdrop etc. Could any please help, I know it’s a silly question but we are ameturs. :smiley:

Are you getting any errors in the log? I’d need to see your oxidelog.txt file to see what may be going on.

Keep in mind that there is no /airdrop in Oxide core, you’d need a plugin such as Oxmin to do that, and with Oxmin you have to give flags to users who you want to give perms to, such as “oxmin.giveflag Bob cancallairdrop” or simply “oxmin.giveflag Fred all” to give all permissions to all commands included in Oxmin.

To confirm in the f1 console you are typing rcon.login adminpassword?