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Hey guys, my friends and I decided to open up our own server and are wanting to generate a player base. Our main goal is to provide as much of a hacker free zone as possible. I myself will be the only admin with actual powers, and I will not be abusing anything, the other “mods” will only be able to kick/ban others and will only do so when I am given proof of hacking. We all enjoy a heavy amount of PvP, and raiding. We are all over the age of 21, and are not some twelve year olds running around with god mode. This is a brand new server, everything is completely fresh. So, join now and claim your build area! Wipes will be determined by player-base voting, and it will either be full wipes, or structure/inventory wipes but keep blue prints. We will try to keep wiping to a bare minimum. We all know when things are wiped frequently, it gets a bit annoying. if you want to have a go, here is our IP: net.connect

We do also have various events, that we have planned thus far. Some include PvP, while others don’t. We also do have an apartment complex setup, and to claim your room, all you need to do is bring a door! It is near a rad town, I will say that much.
Sleepers ARE on.

/share playername (shares your doors with a player) - no more quotes!
/unshare playername (unshares your doors with a player) - no more quotes
/help (Shows commands)
/r message here (quick reply to last PM)
/history (Shows chat history, last 6 messages by default)
/players (Shows online players)
/location (Shows the coordinates of the player)
/starter (gives a configurable starter kit)
/about (shows server mod version)

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[Launch Rust and Press F1 to bring up the console.


Copy and Paste the above text into the console and press Enter.]

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))