P-1000 Ratte, the German Supertank

Nazi Scientist: “Mein Fuhrer! Ve have discovered how to split ze atom! Ve could potentially put one of zese ‘Atomic’ bombs upon one of your V2 rockets, und ze Allies vould stand no chance against your might!”

Hitler: *“NEIN! I say ve must build a tank zat is 12 meters tall and can crush buildings!! Who cares about ze mechanical and strategic impossibilities zat it would present its self with, I VANT IT NOW!”

“Und it vould look a little something like this…”*

Yes the P-1000 “Ratte” was the German’s failed idea of a “Supertank” This tank was to have 2 naval guns mounted onto it. Why? Because Hitler wanted it.

Of course this presented all sorts of flaws such as, “How will we protect it from bombers” “What if artillery starts firing on it” and of course “How the hell are we supposed to make this thing run anyway?”

Still, it was a big fucking tank, and I was hoping someone could make a model of it! If possible, with a ragdoll’d turret and guns, but if not I would be happy with the model anyway.

Here are some more pictures for how large it should be, and what kind of weaponry it had on it.



Yes it would be awesome if someone could make this. If I only I knew how to model… Oh and btw not to nit-pick but the cannons were actually 280 mm which would be 11 inches not 16. Just had to add that lol. But ya good idea to model.

Really? 11 inch? Hm, guess I got my facts wrong >.<

Either way, 11 inches is still a huge fucking cannon!


Now with new pictures!

Looks great.
Someone fucking do this.

In the meantime while someone models this, you can settle for my recreation of it:

Holy Shit that thing is awesome! Have you got a video of it in action?

No, sorry. Me and Fraps don’t get along too well.

Damnit. I always call it the Sturmff for some reason…

Nice model, hope it gets finished, could be quite useful.

I hope it gets started! T-T

That model is just a picture I found on the intermet to help out anyone who might model it for Gmod…

I see…

good luck though.

Did they ever actually build one of these? I’m too lazy to check for myself.


…for rather obvious reasons -.-

Would have been badass to have on the battlefield though…

Intill the Allies brought in the Heavy Bombers to take it out, on the other hand, this would be a good model to have for Garry’s Mod

Hey they put a couple AA guns on it, that could, like, maybe take out a bomber… maybe…


You know what, I still think they should have built it =D

Hint Hint modelers.

And if somebody makes this, include a Unmarked version and one with the Facepunch Logo on it instead of Iron Cross and Swasitika.

I imagine that if Hitler himself demanded that this behemoth be built, and they had plans and concepts of it, construction must have at least started on it. Maybe not completed but at least started.

Perhaps… There is no real easy way to know seeing as this was one of his secret projects (along with the self propelled railroad cannon) Although they probably didn’t get to building it when the realized that the technical limitations were outrageous.

um accauly he did. it was being built already. but the only thing that was finished was the giant cannon on it. and it exists even today! its on a naval defence platform in norway.

Sweet Jesus…