P90 with Simple Scope and RPG laser.

I don’t know if this is possible, but I was wondering if a P90 could be made with a Scope and a red dot laser like on the HL2 RPG (Not the Ep2 laser). Also, if it can be done, make the laser able to toggle on and off, as I am going to use this on a script that has a holster function, and wouldn’t want the laser to be shooting out when the gun was down. The scope only has to be 2X or 4X. Silencer would be nice, but not top priority. I am mainly interested in the red dot laser. Iron sight animations are needed if a scope is out of the question.

Again, priorities are:

  1. Toggle-able red dot laser from the RPG,
  2. 2X or 4X scope
  3. Silencer with appropriate sounds.