PAC 3 on a DModelPanel issue - flickering between attached model's bodygroups


Title says it all, I am attempting to get a PAC3 outfit onto a DModelPanel entity. Specifically, the outfit is a bonemerged ‘hair’. The hair is a single model from ‘APB Reloaded’ pack, but it has bodygroups that change it’s style. It flickers between these two. My DModelPanel has it’s model changed whenever you click on a spawnicon. So far, I’ve got it to equip the PAC, except now the bodygroup on the ‘hair’ attachment flickers.

UPDATE: I now see that what it’s doing (the hair model) is flickering between the default bodygroup, and the one it’s supposed to be set to.

UPDATE2: It got temporarily fixed when I used Experimental > Model under PAC instead of the standard ‘Model’ for the outfit. However, it’s back to not working again

Strange, because the PAC outfit does not do this in-game or in-editor.
I understand this may be a PAC issue now, but any help would be appreciated. If you think it’s not PAC, then I’ve already put my code for the DModelPanel further down below. I’ll also include how the PAC outfit is made.

Flickers between these two:
(Top: Default model w/ no bodygroups)
(Bottom: The bodygroup that the PAC outfit has the hair model set to)
Note: Ignore the white arrows, they do not pertain to the hair. Right now it’s supposed to just set it to the bottom pictured hairstyle with no other options .

Here’s how I make the PAC 3 outfit:


I’m running similar code to the method described [in this guy’s help request for another issue.](Nevermind, facepunch link limits)

(Just incase you need it) [Here’s the code to pac.DrawEntity2D]
(Nevermind, facepunch link limits) which is the wrapper function I’m using.

I do not think that the person in that post was having the same issue as me, I’m just using their code for guidance. Here’s my code:

Paint function & surrounding code:

local mugshotlookatpos = Vector( 0, 0, 63 )

local mugshotcampos = mugshot:GetCamPos()
local mugshotlookang = (mugshotlookatpos-mugshotcampos):Angle()
local mugshotfov = mugshot:GetFOV()

mugshot.Paint = function( self, w, h )
	pac.DrawEntity2D(self:GetEntity(), scrW/4, 0, w, h, mugshot.closeCamPos, mugshotlookang, mugshotfov)

Inside of my spawnicon DoClick (whenever I switch it to a different model):

        local mugent = mugshot:GetEntity()
		local outfit = pace.luadata.ReadFile("pac3/male 07 handsome.txt")


Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!