PAC 3 Outfits v1(?): I Look Like A Spoiled Orc

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a short time and decided to make it. Pardon the title banner.

-Constructive Criticism only. Bashing is forbidden.
-NSFW does not go here.
-No Doubleposting. You can edit posts.
-Begging for outfits is just as forbidden. Owners can make them public on their leisure.

Let’s get that going, then; starting this off with a ported .obj.[/T]
-Credit to CapsAdmin for the spiderlegs.

PAC is still a thing?

i can’t see this thread surviving for long

I’m gonna assume it dies very soon.

Also, PAC 3 is very much a thing. Jesus, do you ever check out the addons subforum?


good question, i think the last time was 3 years ago

What is this even about.

I have absolutely no idea what Pac 3 is.

PAC 3 is a tool that allow player models to be dynamically edited.

If you for the longest time have wanted to place a bridge along the ridge of your nose, this tool will accomplish it.
It allows you to add/remove bones from the player model, sync meshes, parent entities, apply cosmetic effects, etcetera.
Of course, it also allows a great amount of control, allowing players to create entirely different playermodels.

Aw man, I’d love to see PAC 3 outfits people have made.

Even when you can basically make your own playermodels people still ask others to make them.