PAC 3 To Normal Player Model?

Hi My Name Is Preston But My Roleplay Name Is Garrett. I Have Been Playing On A Fun Darkrp Server Called Highvoltage And Noticed That They Have A Player Model That Must Use PAC 3 To Use. I Asked The Owner How He Did It But He Didn’t Reply With A Great Answer. “I Don’t Tell Secrets lol” . If Anyone Can Link Me To A Page Or Anything That Would Help Solve My Problem I Would Eternally Be Grateful.

Oh god…Why are you using a capitalize letter on each word…
anyway, there’s no way to turn pac3 format to playermodel qc without more code, maybe the server owner just was kidding you

You can’t save PAC to a single model; all it does is place items on a playermodel, not bake it into the model.

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