PAC help *personal appearance customizer a.k.a. hat maker*

Hey guys, i recently just reinstalled gmod and re-downloaded p.a.c. but i have a question about it. There is an option option i never have seen before called “weapon class” that you can apply to any item? What is that, im guessing it makes it so the prop will not appear when not on “that weapon class,” is it? And also what are the weapon classes, like are they the names of certain sweps or something like “shotgun” or “revolver.”

Please Help- Aftershocks

Why don’t you try it out. Can’t hurt anything by trying.

I tryed shotgun and it just POOF disappeared XD. I just kinda wanna know…

the weapon classes for shotgun or the revolver are weapon_shotgun and weapon_357, you can normally find out the names by spawning them and looking at console, for example: “Giving Morshmellow a weapon_crossbow”