PAC Problem!

Hey guys.

Recently i decided to make a Drone model in blender for my PAC3 project.

But i have a problem, when i post the dropbox link into the box (In pac3), all that appears is a little pink part of it. This is what it should look like:

But it looks like this in gmod:

Any ideas/help will be appreciated!

is the model an obj and is the texture a png and uploaded somewhere?

Here is the folder containing the drone’s files:

Anyone? D:

Doesn’t PAC have a file size limit? That OBJ file is 10mb. For reference, your small drone is 2MB larger than the animation files containing hundreds of gmod player animations.

How would i be able to lower the size?

Honestly for a model of that size, let alone one that’s made for gmod (and PAC), you don’t need even close to the amount of polygons on that thing. I’d reduce the poly count if you can. Other than that, you can split the model into multiple OBJ files and just base it on material. I think the limit is 2MB on the OBJ files but I don’t recall.