PAC Soldiers Investigating suspicious activity... outside some base


Picture was inspired by Joazz’s B2142 picture :3.

All in-game?

Just a few filters thrown on in PP, but other than that yeah all ingame.

If that Bloom on those two soldiers in the middle and on the right wouldn’t
look so crazy, then it would be totally awesome.

edit: because the lighting on that guy on the left is fucking sweet!

Where can i find this models?
I seem to have missed it.


There the AVP 3 Androids but I skinned them to resemble PAC Soldiers

Also by the way If anyone wanted to help me out with them, I was wondering if someone could hack all the male citizen heads onto them?, I’m sort of planning on releasing them possibly :smile:

I reskinned the bodyguard version, because it had a way cooler mask.

Ooooh, They use the same model? I didn’t realise

Yeah the bodyguard version has some additional armor on it and the mask is different. The base body is identical.

huh never realised, you should probably slap some of those pac symbols onto the arms and stuff :v: