PAC3 Hide outifts on death

I just want it so that you dont have floating outfits from dead people.

Pretty simple but I dont know much about pac3

They could have a custom death animation like mine does.

Example PAC

He meant Lua wise, silly.

okay how about this.

how would I go about unequiping all of a players outfits?

you dont need to. i forget what you need to change but if i remember correctly all you have to do is change like 2-3 lines in one of pacs lua scripts and it makes the parts stick to the players ragdoll on death

i dont want them to stick to the ragdoll, I want them to go the fuck away.

The problem is that people can apply effects on their PAC. You need to disable (aka remove) their PAC completely. Lights, renderstuff, model-effects (Usual from TF2) … ect
This however, will be a laggy solution as every time a player respawns their PAC have to be reloaded.

I’ll suggest PAC to be removed completely from gamemodes like TTT where floating models will break the gamemode.

its not like ttt doesn’t lag on spawn anyways.

Got a bit confused of the double negative and it sounds like you didn’t read what I typed.

It doesn’t lag now, but it will when we have to remove and create that many entities in that short time.
The only way to “hide” a PAC is to remove all the parts as some models got effects on them.

I’m guessing that it will lag for a second when someone dies and lag for 5-15 seconds on spawn.
Therefor I think its a bad idea and I’ll suggest pointshop instead of PAC.

Maybe the issue is somewhere else. Does this answer your question?

I have no clean way of doing disabling ragdolls.

You can do this:

[lua]hook.Add(“pac_Initialized”, “disable_pac_ragdolls”, function() pac.OnClientsideRagdoll = function() end end)[/lua]

Until I add a cvar for it or something.

neither of those did it.

As I said … you need to remove those entities … there is something called PVS.

  • What is PVS?
    PVS is a way for the server to stop sending the players position/data if he/she is behind a wall and outside the view.
    When the server stop sending the data … the PAC-entities will then float at the last known position until the player becomes visible again.
    (This can be seen in TF2 as well with the floating outfits)

Its very inspiring to hear that if I want something to go away I could ~~~remove~~~ it as an alternative to hiding it. Perhaps you could be a little more insightful then "I'll suggest PAC to be removed completely" and "I think its a bad idea".

There has to be some way to do it, the same way you can ignore and unignore PAC outfits on Metastruct without having to reload the outfit.

Ops, I completely missed what the OP wanted to do, my code isn’t related to the issue.

I’ll see what I can do.

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