PAC3 Invisible

(this seemed like the right place to put this, so forgive me if it isn’t in the right part of the forum)

Lately I’ve been having some trouble with PAC, namely lua error being spammed. I was able to fix those by manually setting the language for pac, and teh font for pac. However, all pac elements are invisible. I can’t see mine or anyone else’s. I’ve even tried reinstalling pac multiple times, but it doesn’t work. I can providescrenshots if needed.


It should be fixed now.

nope.avi, it still shows invisible parts, and icons for models dont show up in the editor, I also get errors relating to an invalid font, and when i fix those by sleecting another one, it doesnt badger me with script errors, but doesnt fix invisible parts. <-- this is what i end up seeing. Yes, I’ve tried wearing. Multiple times.


I’m not entirely sure what’s causing it, perhaps it’s server side? I haven’t tried it in single player yet, but I’m not sure if it matters because I think PAC is already client side

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I noticed if things are outside of the “my outfit” group, they tend not to render

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I used to have this problem.

I never resolved it and yet used PAC ever since I would like to see a solution

That doesnt fix it because its not only my costume, it’s everyone’s costume (at least, on my client it is.)

I’ve tried singleplayer and that doesn’t fix pac.

badumpabump. PAC loads the costume elements but they’re just invisible. this needs to be fixed.