PAC3 major problem

I’ve had this problem since the very beginning of Gmod13

My friends skin looks like this on my computer

And on his computer it looks like this

We use the same workshop subscription

Any clues on what could cause / fix this?

Add a group and then add the models to it. It’s not recommended to have the parts like you’re having them now.

I doubt that would fix it since it works for him and everyone else on the server. And no matter how you make the skin, it’s always diplayed wrongly on my computer

Maybe there are some addons that interfere with PAC3?

Try it, I’ve seen players with this issue before and it’s because they do this.

(I should fix it though)

Unfortunately Garry broke Gmod again. I’ll try it when the game is back up.

However, many bugs also occur for me even when i just do the simplest things. For example, i want to remove my head as i did in PAC2 and replace it with a prop. I would choose a bone modifier, set the bone to “head”, and set the scale/size to 0. This doesn’t do anything. Neither does offset, rotation or anything else. Only a few things such as models work