Pac3 outfits

That’s right, using Pac3 is not that easy, and newbies people like me can’t do much with this addon for Gmod.

Just searched for a complete outfit on dropbox for months, but it seems people won’t share their outfits.

So that’s what i’m looking for, can’t you guys share outfits for newbies people?

And i got a question aswell: I got a complete .obj model, but i don’t know how to add animation. I mean, that’s what i get.

Well this sucks, what am i supposed to do? Also i got three textures for this model, but i can add only one. Pff, i don’t even know what the actual fuck i’m doing.

ummm make it yourself

Thanks dickhead, really. Thanks for the help. Congratulation.

lol sorry for not wanting to give away something i worked on to some guy whos unwilling to learn how ti actually use it

Definitely retarded. Can’t you see i’m asking for help? Mine was just an idea. I don’t need outfits, just need help for that model.

and you call me retarded


Yeah that’s right. Thanks for the useless OT.

how do you expect to get free things with that attitude mister??!?

Ffs you are the one who is going OT, i’m just asking for help. HELP. NOT FREE OUTFITS.

Anubis, get your shit together.

i was gonna tell you how to fix your problem but you called me mean names…

My stance on PAC outfits is the same as public dupes. Please make your own things instead of relying on others.
There are built in examples that you can use to learn.

As for OBJ models, OBJ is static mesh ONLY meaning it has no bones and cannot support animations.
If you see someone running around with a PAC using OBJ, they have split the model’s limbs and such into individual models.

If you need any further assistance please use the official thread:

You Specifically asked for free outfits…

I don’t quite know how you can sign up to specifically bump a thread from last September, but please be more careful in future!