PAC3 & PointShop2 Problem

I’m a developer for a TTT server which uses PointShop2. I’ve ran into a issue where players who have PAC3 and have a outfit saved (Wear) in SP it will show up in the server without any of the items being in the shop.
My question is where do I go to disable Singleplayer PAC3 outfits being used on the server.


I would modify PAC/Pointshop2 to not load ANY PAC outfit unless it loads it from the player’s Pointshop items.

Hold your horses, the next Pointshop 2 update will have this set up in Pointshop 2 :slight_smile:
It basicly does what code_gs suggested.

They’re using there “Autoload” file so when they join a server with Pac3 it autoloads the outfit, I would prob suggest limiting Pac3 to only some players.

Thats what I just said I wanted to make not happen. Can’t limit Pac3 to some players when Pac3 is the main function of Pointshop2.

The newest update didn’t do it when Kamshak said it was suppose to.

Hence why I said next update and not current update :slight_smile: