Pacific Rim Models v2: Facepunch Jaeger Program

Silly title aside, its been about three years since we last heard of the Pacific Rim model thread. I know there are 2 Kaiju and one Jaeger released in the workshop aside from Gypsy Danger on the forums, but I’m talking about the project where the models were to get HD textures and amazing rigs for many possibilities. When Gypsy Danger was done, the project just stopped. Now with the hype of Pacific Rim 2 on the horizon and for completion sake, I decided to recreate the sub-thread in the hopes we can finish this one day with the amount of detail and finesse as the Gypsy Danger model we have now. Plus I was hoping to see Slattern, Axehead/Trespasser, and Coyote Tango in Source.

The old thread:

Something useful I think

The Gypsy Danger Model by N05_sniper:

Some appropriate thread music:

The models themselves have some really screwed up weights to them, working with them is tedious at best. God knows I’ve tried but it’s been a heck of a time with other projects to get around to these

For my small gripes its the current maps and a bit of lighting. Some of the maps are kind of small, some don’t have 3D skyboxes, and the TF2 style in popular maps don’t mesh well with PR. It’s also tricky to light up Gypsy Danger without having to have more than 3 lights and make the light radius bigger. But I still think we can still make this work, as scene-building is also a thing with XXXL void.

Why not just use the human sized version of the model and scale down buildings and such, its easier to light and it’s not that hard to play with the sense of scale

If you do that it might end up looking like the latest Godzilla game though.

What about the recent Godzilla game? Aside from it having the most beautiful and accurate designs for each of the kaiju since Gojira, it had some awful combat, BS multiplayer matches, and repetitive missions. I don’t how scaling the models down relates to that game.

I meant in the scenario. Skybox props are usually not the prettiest. Still go for it, it’s not like I have a better solution.

Looking back at the old thread;

I wasn’t sure if Kuro had Striker Eureka or Coyote Tango. I just put in a request to see if I can get these xnalara ports of said Jaegers so that we can have more Jaegers to work on.[/T]

Again, re-rigging models is beyond my expertise, but what I can is help determine if the rig is good for use.