Pacific Rim Ragdolls

I got the Gipsy Danger Ragdoll a bit ago, and it was great to fool around with it. Is there anyone working on the rest of the Jaegers? Or the Kaiju for that matter? Ever since I saw Gipsy I was fantasizing about having a massive Pac Rim battle in sandbox. I found a few .obj models for Striker, Cherno, and Crimson, and what I assume to be bitmap textures, but I have no experience at all so I am not able to do anything with them. I wasn’t able to find any models for Kaiju however.

I converted some to obj with a tga texture if anyone wants to use it (I didn’t make the model.) Models were ripped from the Xbox 360 game. -Cherno Alpha -Crimson Typhoon -Striker Eureka -Coyote Tango

Textures aren’t really the best.
If you want kaijyu’s model,try this post.
They have bones and weight-maps(but looks like not perfect.)
Anyways I don’t know who was ripped from the Xbox 360 game.

I had all of the playable guys ripped, never did anything with them and just put the files up as raws for others to play with.

They are still in my Dropbox so any of those old links should work still

I do believe you’re missing two kaiju, that is Raiju and Onibaba