Pack installation proplems

ok i recently downloaded

FakeFactory Models1.7 +1.7.1 Patch.rar

installed the fake factory ones to addons

and the nude zoey ones to garrysmod directory AND addons to make double sure

the nude zoey is there in the browse list, BUT the spawn list has no pic (just grey box) and it spawns as a shadow. My regular zoey spawns as a shadow with the green circle on it

fakefactory isnt there at all. somone walk me through or somthing?? itd help alot

ok seriously can somone help me what the fuck

Link us the place you downloaded them from.

Also, you waited 7 hours and whined about no response? Wow you’re impatient, wait at least 2 days before bumping
nude zoey ^,g/fakefactory-cm4-models-1-5.html
fakefactory 1-5 ^

and yeah actually i was impatient because it was bugging me for a few days, no one else as responded to my posts in past fwe days


btw i got fake factory to work, zoey is still screwed up and sinl is