PackBSP - How long does the crawling take?

I’m trying to pack custom textures in my new map and I’m wondering how long it takes for PackBSP to crawl through the GCF files.

How long? Its been going on for about an hour(+) now.

how many are there?

There are 49 GCF files in my folder.

It shouldnt go that long but id leave it for another 30 minutes if it isnt done id say try it again… but thats just me

I’ve never heard of this program, but it sounds bloody useless and it shouldnt be trawling your gcfs.


packing content should take a matter of seconds for <100 custom files obviously taking longer the more custom content you have.

Thank you, works a lot better.

Thank poor old Terrenteller. <3

what happend to him BTW.

His account got compromised.

That should not be happening. With games like TF2 even maps pretty heavy in custom content usually finish scanning within five seconds.

Could you please file a bug report by sending in the debug log?

I’ve never tested it with Garry’s Mod and I’m not quite sure what it could be doing. It’s possible Garry’s mod lists so many GCFs as optional dependencies that it starts hitting some sort of OS limit on memory-mapped files.

The problem could be elsewhere too: Most of the scanning its doing is opening up your not-at-all-GCFed custom MDL/PHY/VVD/VMT/etc. files and crawling through them.

Yes, it should. The alternative is that you have a modding tool which eagerly packs files which override the server and are unnecessary (because it doesn’t know any better) and those assets can cause weird crappy side-effects after switching away to a new map.

In addition, it allows you to tell when a resource is missing. Without knowledge of the GCFs, you have no idea whether “foo.vmt” is part of the stock install for the game or whether it’s a problem that you can’t find it.

I’ve never, ever used this program before. I have another one that simply allows me to select the custom textures my map is using from a file folder, and it packs everything up. Process takes less than 60 seconds.


Pakrat, that’s it. Forgot the name.

PackBsp (I’m the developer) is a bit different from Pakrat. For starters:

[ul][li]It isn’t over four years old (!), so it supports finding and packing a lot more stuff!
[/li][li]It knows when files are needed but actually missing.
[/li][li]It delegates to Valve’s BSPZIP to do the final packing, so it doesn’t run the risk of corrupting your map.

Interesting, I’ll have to check it out. Working on a map with a lot of custom textures right now, so I’ll see how it performs.

Don’t forget VIDE, still worth a look because of all the other programs that are part of it.