Packet loss at 100% all the time

constantly getting delay and rubberbanding. fps is over 60. internet is getting 80 download and 10 upload when playing. weird thing is is that when i disconnect from google dns server download speed goes down to 5. which has never happened before. ping is also 60 to the server all the time

Its a unity bug. having same issue for 7 weeks now, most of us stopped playing, I’ll let you know if I find anything. Streaming system overload – deferring playback. FMOD Error: Operation could not be performed because specified sound/DPS connection is not ready is the beginning of the rabbit hole. good luck.

ah i figured it had to be something game related. well i am switching isps in like 2 days so hopefully that will fix it cause my other friends dont have this bug. good luck to u as well :(((

Please update us if that solves the problem… it’s happing to me for quite a while now.

Traceroute/Pathping/MTR to the specific server? :slight_smile:

I wonder what’s the difference between my pc and all of your guys pcs. Why you have this and I don’t

ye well we just moved anyway and i got a new isp called brighthouse. was playing last night for acouple hours with friends and packet loss was at 0% the whole time so im assuming the issue was fixed. we got new router as well. part of me thinks it was the old router cause it was alittle messed up but switching isps seem to fix it for me.

Obvious case. :slight_smile:

New isp with 0% packet loss will fix problem

yes pretty much. dont use cox haha. i read about people using vpns and that fixes the problem which it did for me but theres only 2 problems with that. im not paying for a good vpn and sometimes they dont work itll say connected but its really not