Packing Models&Materials among the map+Using DOD:S

So i’m kinda trying to do a WW2-themed map, occupied city map, to be more exact. Anyways, Id like to use DOD:S models. I did Tools->Options->Game Configurations->Add->D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\lioreluse\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\dod\dods.fgd, and it didnt help. Also tried creating an FGD inside the game folder, Day of defeat source -> Dods -> pasted the fgd here. Still, doesnt work.
And say i’ve ported a model from “The Saboteur” game, and made some materials, how do i pack them with the map? So no models\materials must be provided.


.fgd only contains entity data, it does not mount models or materials. Set your game directory to DOD:S or port the content over to whatever game you’re currently mapping for.

Players who have DODS will instantly see it? Or they’ll have to move their files aswell?

No, they’ll see it regardless. Players who don’t have DODS won’t, however.


So how do i pack the map with my materials and custom models? Also will it pack the DODS aswell? Because that will just make the map bigger which is a pretty bad thing…

Use bspzip or pakrat, etc. Only add the files you want to add.

Damn, do i have to manually browse for them? Can’t it like pack all currently used materials/models?

Pakrat can do that. I don’t know if bspzip can.

I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

Pakrat has a tendency to crap out on some people, so if you run into trouble with it, I suggest using VIDE.

Looks pretty useful, how do i pack with it though?

Pakfile Lump Editor. Scan with it like you would with Pakrat.

I’m not so sure about using VIDE’s pakfile lump editor. It hasn’t worked properly for a long while now and tends to miss half of custom content it should pick up. Pakrat works fine but on the small chance it leaves out something, you could use VIDE to double check.

It also doesn’t work with CS:GO, because it saves the file as a map version that neither itself nor CS:GO can actually read.