Packs giving me trouble, Help needed

I’m having some issues guys and I need some help. I dowloaded some packs and none of them worked. It was the Super Mario Galaxy pack to be specific. Anyway I tried putting the spawnlist in the settings folder to get it to work and it gives me the error thing instead of ragdolls. Any advice on what to do?

What is this ‘error thing’? You need to elaborate so we can help!
If the pack is an addon (contains an info.txt) then it should have been placed in the addons folder, not randomly slotted across the gmod directory.

Could you tell me where you put the folder/files/packs?

Oh sorry for the lack of detail! The error thing is just the word “error” in big red bolded letters. It’s what the icon on the props menu shows as. And I placed the pack into the Addons folder. Any help?

Download is from… Post a link please…

That’s the pack I downloaded. Is that what you wanted?

After you have downloaded this what do you do?

I put it in the addons folder and put the spawnlist in the settings folder.

Im not really sure whats going on here then… I have just installed it and it works fine. When you try to spawn something do you get an error?

I assume you put the Super Mario Galaxy folder containing /materials /models and the info.txt in addons.

Yep that’s what I did. Do you need to extract it or anything?

Yes everything should be extracted.

What program do you use to extract and where do you extract to?

Well in windows there is a button you press but I see your using Mac. Apparently if you double click it should unzip using archive utility (Not my words).

I suggest you extract to your desktop then move the Super Mario Galaxy folder containing /materials /models and the info.txt into addons.

Just checking on my Mac (never really used it) I have

Oh well I did that and put the folder in addons :C I don’t know what the deal is then!

Did you try spawning the props ingame regardless of the icons being errors?

Can you take a photo of the contents of your addons folder?

Yes I have tried spawing them anyways and it still didn’t work. I’ll post a pic in a sec alright.

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Hey how do I put up an image on the forum?