Packs of wolves

Okay so I know taming animals has already been suggested but maybe this could add some depth to a wolf taming system, basically to domesticate a wolf puppy you would have to kill the entire pack except for any wolf puppies, you then take the wolf puppy home and feed it and raise it etc., just an idea obviously it would be more complicated than how easy I made it appear.

For me the important part in this post is not about raising a baby wolf that you took from the mother, but the pack.
Here’s a few points:

  • Animals except bears should spawn in groups of 3-8.
  • Non-agressive animals like deer and horses shouldnt fight at all.
  • Animals shouldn’t attack their own kind!
  • Animals should start running earlier! They don’t sense you until you’re in a 10 metres range. You can still kill animals with torches or hatchets.

I want to ride a Bear into battle!!

Having a puppy pet wolf would be cool too though. :3