Packs On

How come people upload packs on when your not supposed to??

What the fuck are you talking about?

They want to be noticed. Apparently its working.

And why do you give a shit?

Why are you being a dick for. He has a very good point. All of theys amazing packs are against the rules because they are packs. If they arent going to inforce the rule then take it away because it can be confusing if you want to make a pack but it says you carn’t.

And no one gives a shit about the rules anymore. Not even garry.

Fuck wheres zing when I need it

Hakita, why are you being a dick for?

Because Im a fucking nazi.

You’re supposed to ask what’s a dick for.

And then the joke goes in that direction.

Sounds like a shitty joke.

No shit

I need a drink before I can read more.