Pacman Cars

Hello there. I would like to share with you all today my pacman cars.

This is the link to the file, its basicly an advanced duplicator file for you to use but still they are rather fun.

You need the following in order to use these cars:

PHX1, PHX3 and HL2 (I believe you need PHX1 cause I think I used the PHX1 balls for the eyes. Best have both just incase.)

If you have any trouble with installing please first make sure that you have copied
“adv_duplicator” folder and its content and that you have pasted it at /garrysmod/garrysmod/data/

Or copy the text files and paste them at /garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator

You can visit TBNGC’s public group on steam at

If you have any troubles please contact lionheart1066 on steam
and he would attempt to help in anyway possible.

In the file you will find a readme, an image and the text files.

Lol, is that you in the avatar? Cause it says alot.

I cant be bothered to download some pacman cars, screenshots please.

Let me be (hopefully) the first that says: It sucks.
Really, anyone can make this under five minutes.
Why use both PHX versions if you just have to use the latest one?
And, never EVER sign your posts.


I added a screenshot and nardix, I will sign my first opening posts of my own topics so dont try to target me.

I’m not targeting you, but others might.

What they really going to target me just for posting something I built? Besides theres more than one car and they are multi coloured. Didnt add thrusters however.

Newbie stuff, not worth posting, neither downloading.
Look around forums and figure out the level of contraption you won’t get flamed for :v:

Thanks for the tip. I may make something else. Something large…

I only uploaded the pacmans cause its mainly the first thing i’ve done that I thought that it was good.

I mostly do gmod pictures you see.

To be quite frank, they suck. Hard. Somewhat novel, but just that, a somewhat novelty.

Try learning how to build better, with a wider variety of props. Any Noob or Mingebag could make these in under five minutes. And why on earth do you need two versions of PHX? If my memory serves me correctly PHX3 is basically a compilation including all previous versions.

And finally, never ever, EVER sign your posts on these forums. It’s both pointless and annoying and some Moderators here drop bans if you do it.

Read again, I said never sign your posts.

Fine i’ll stop signing things since you guys complain so much about anything. I said that I believe I used a PHX1 model for the eyes which is on a different directory path than the PHX3. I didnt say you need it…

4 props and a jeep… nice.

Its not a jeep…

Also theres more than 4 props on it.

> 4 props and a jalopy…Way to go.

Dear sweet jesus christ almighty shit balls. They suck

waka waka waka waka

you should add it so when you move the mouth opens and closes

Oh god, when i first posted i was like, this is going to be nooby… oh christ, he signed it, oh fucking christ.
Dark side of gaming? What is this?
Oh, must be where all the noobs hang out.

Anyways. After seeing screenshots, get the fuck out.

I :lol:'ed. I was thinking the same thing almost.

epic win minds think alike