Pac's companion.

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Ok so this is a little tutorial on setting up my little Companion as I call it.
It’s a hovercraft completely made of E2.
I have something similar just a hella lot better in a contraption I’ll post soon, a VTOL.
But here’s something for you simple guys that you can use when you are bored! :smiley:

@name Pac's companion
@inputs Pod:wirelink
@persist W A S D E:entity Ground:vector Dir:vector Vel:vector Mov:vector Acc

if (first()) {
    soundPlay(1, 0, "ambient/machines/machine2.wav")
soundPitch(1, abs(Vel:y()/100)+80)

E = entity()

W = Pod:number("W")
A = Pod:number("A")
S = Pod:number("S")
D = Pod:number("D")

Dir = E:right():setZ(0)
Ground = rangerOffset(10000, E:pos(), vec(0, 0, -1)):position()

Vel = E:velL()
Mov = E:forward()*Vel:x()/5 + vec(0, 0, E:vel():z()) - E:right()*Vel:y()/20

Acc = clamp((W | S ? Acc+(S-W)*150 : Acc-(Acc/20)), -4000+(A | D)*1000, 1000)

applyForce((Ground+vec(0, 0, 40)-E:pos())*500-Mov*50+Dir*Acc)

applyAngForce(angnorm(-E:angles()+ang(-E:angVel():yaw()*Vel:y()/3500, 0, 0)-E:angVel()/7):setYaw(-E:angVel():yaw()/20+(A-D)*3)*700)

So that’s the E2 code.
Not too hard to understand if you know what you’re dealing with.

Now, the tutorial on how to set it up:

  1. First of all we’re gonna get the prop the hovercraft will use (Best with this prop), you do this by typing

wire_expression2_model models/hunter/plates/plate1x2.mdl

in your console.

  1. Copy-Paste the code from above and put it into an Expression2!

  2. Spawn the E2 :smiley:

Wiring it up!
Wiring has been done as simple as possible. Only one wire is required to be correct.
Thanks to wirelink!

  1. Ok now, spawn a seat and an Advanced-Pod-Controller.

  2. Link the Pod controller to the seat/chair.

  3. Shoot the Advanced-Pod-Controller with the Expression2-wirelink tool!

  4. Wire the “Pod [WIRELINK]” input on the E2 to the Advanced-Pod-Controller’s [WIRELINK] output.

  5. Enjoy!

Also! I recommend that you turn gravity OFF of the seat AND Adv-Pod-Controller!

This is how it should look like (The plate is E2, red thing is the Adv-Pod-Controller):

This E2 includes sounds, cool movement and is just pure awesome when bored :smiley:
Your only controls are simple as well!
Just W, A, S and D!

If you have problems setting it up then try again and if that fails, make a reply to this thread!

I’d like to see a vid on how Well it works before bothering with the whole setup here. Perhaps someone will be bothered, however, and vouch for it.

The thing is just I hate making vids but I’ll maybe make one… Maybe…
But really, it took me 30 seconds to set up.

I can imagine it took you around 30 seconds. But what I want to know is how well it works.

I agree

Let this piece of shit die, please.