Padlock, Personal Area and Wrench

Hello guys, i want to discuss these with you guys.

Padlock - This is much better as you can share door with other people or, you can make it so that you assign people who can use the door or not. if its 4 digit code it would be good
but only bad thing would be that if you are getting chased by bandit, you will have to do password before you get in unless you do the assign thing,

Personal Area - There should be system where people can’t build buildings near your structure. About 2-3 foundation square away? Because when you are building 2nd floor, you won’t have enough time to cover up the 2nd floor’s ceiling or walls in one day and next morning you come in and find that someone has got inside your house by building stairs next to your house.

Wrench - Sometimes you put thing where you don’t want to put it. So there should be a item like for example, wrench. So you can move around the structure you have built not someone else.

Well that’s all i got to say. i don’t see any reason why this should be voted down because this is general house safety thing.

These have all been suggested before.

well, i’m trying to make this happen as these haven’t been added to the game

What if you’re working with a friend on building a base, that kinda sucks if there is a restriction.

I know. But you see, they should also make things like group thing so you request a group invitation and if you accept, they can build thing around your house or inside. This game is alpha so there’s lots to be done.

Hm but it does take away the freedom of what the game was purposely meant to be.

What you mean by taking away the freedom?

Why would the owner of the house have to enter a password to get in? lol
It would be much simpler to have some sort of structure management terminal, but then again a terminal seems too advanced for this games time period lol… or just a simple book in the house that you can enter peoples names into to be allowed in your house and only the owner can enter these names. Also, you could manage any maintenance on the house through the terminal/book. Just another idea rather than having a padlock on the door or having to hand out keys to people… only to be looted off of them when they get killed. Unless they keys, when received or used, are kind of like blueprints and once you get them they stay with you permanently even after death.

Because the devs notively wanted this game to feel like you can do whatever you want.
Having a protection of a certain area makes it unwhelming.

not a bad idea actually. you see, we need people like us to actually point out what should be needed in the game as we are the TESTERS of the game

We’re likely not going to have building restrictions. What we will do is make it take time to actually construct things… My ideal situation (no idea on an ETA) would be that you equip the resources and select what you want to build (foundation, wall etc) and a half built version of it appears, you then would have to click on it to construct it until it was complete, using the equipped resource on a damaged structure component would also repair it.

I notice people who don’t want people to build on their structure surround it with foundations and ramps so you can’t build to the top floors, I think we’ll stick with something like that but also make the parts that people grief with destroyable