Padme model? (Star Wars)

Are there any Padme models out there? I wouldn’t mind having to convert if it’s out there. (I use SFM).

you know howto search facepunch? you know howto port? imo (which is not relevant tho) the best raw model is what’s in the thread of what free radical did.

It’s TCW style, if that’s fine.

I’m new to this site but my I just want to bring more Star Wars models to SFM :confused:

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Eh, it’s not :frowning: I would love for like an actual realistic model :confused: But thank you though

Here’s a decent Padme model from Free Radical’s SWBF3:

The model was ripped by Corra_Ashu.

I was just about to post that model, but GodzillaKing beat me to it. :smile:

Be aware that this is an .obj file and has no armature. You’ll have to create one.