Paid addons

As a future addon developer in S&box, I would like to see a category of paid addons so that I can buy and sell them. I would not want to give a percentage of the commission to other sites, but Facepunch directly. It would be both extra profit for Facepunch and an easier way to sell our addons.


I agree but the issue is that such a thing would also still have to be closely curated so that no one slips any backdoors or such.
Other than that, I don’t think it’s possible using the Steam Workshop, which is another issue, they’d be forced to make their own service for that.


We’re not thinking about it yet, but I think it makes sense to let people charge for their content


Paid addons would definetely bring in money for face punch and support the developers who make it, would be a cool idea to have as addons would already be a thing when sandbox releases.

Just wondering how paid addons would work in the sense that there would need to be code obfuscation or some encryption involved to prevent people from stealing and how facepunch would need to deal with people stealing addons.

You’re not going to be able to stop people from ‘stealing’ and reverse engineering addons. But I don’t see why those will be an issue.

Take steam for example, it’s trivial to get past the DRM it has, but most people still buy things from their store.

This is not a problem at all. There is and will always be piracy and stealing. In extreme cases, you can resort to DRM.

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Not bad idea.

I completely agree. Would be awesome if Facepunch will make own platform for paid scripts with decent quality control and commissions will go directly to developers, that’s their own game after all.

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I have a strong feeling websites like Gmodstore will quite quickly migrate to S&Box once it comes out. It would only make sense for them.
Gmodstore is a very good website, but I do agree that it could maybe be better, if done right, that it’s built into the game or done via a Facepunch service.

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Yes, Larry, please, i want to sell my shitass lame addons :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :smiling_imp:

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Hey shi_tass, wanna see me speedrun S&Box?


Facepunch make a paid addon service and let creators take 100% :eyes:


I’d be happy with Facepunch taking a cut if it meant that there was some form of DRM. The only problem could be moderation, no one wants to see literal shite being sold.


I guess a DRM would be worth a fee.

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That’s true, piracy will always be a thing and things will always be reverse engineered and drm will be defeated eventually by dedicated crackers.

Makes me question if DRM is a viable option to have for addons, not to mention what type of performance impact it would have on the game.

A very important thing to consider:
As someone who recently tried to upload an addon to gmodstore, I know that it can become extremely difficult to get their addon approved.

In order to still have a good amount of free addons, we should also have the new facepunch-driven paid content strictly watched in order to make the addon harder to be made paid than free.

This will make sure that there’s still a good amount of free addons, and that you won’t have to pay for absolutely everything (EA Style), just because people can put a tag on any addon (Because who doesn’t want some extra cash for their work) There should be a certain complexity level or amount of work put in level to get an addon approved for the paid status.


It just has to be more convenient to pay for an addon and have it than to steal it.
Also no real community server would use leaked/stolen addons because if anyone finds out it’d destroy the server. The only people pirating would be single people.

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hoping that facepunch won’t snooze and a third party site will be what everyone ends up settling for

For code part we’re probably can use ILCompiler from .NET Core (NativeAOT), that will be a pretty painful to disassemble raw cpp. Can’t say same about other content like models/textures/etc.

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honestly I’m just glad that we’re gonna have the workshop still, remember when S&Box was rumoured to be on epic games lol