Paid for gold member

Edit* I have gold now

Time to remove the thread.


you have gold membership already lol

Thanks for supporting Facepunch! But this thread is kind of pointless…

How do I remove post, I am looking everywhere

You fell for the oldest trick in the book.
Goodluck anyway. Its not your answer for keys.

It’s not a trick, keys are posted in the gold member’s forum apparently.

Oh man, another wonderful addition.

you dont seem to understand that garry is posting keys in the gmf in a special thread.

it is happening. you are just butthurt because you wont spend 10bux to get one.

I would if it were true but it has to be official, not talk.

Neh, there is a FAQ said that Garry post the Rust beta keys at Gold Members Forum more often

It is official… He just released 10 more keys an hour ago, I was watching Dark Skies though and missed my key…

The thread was even started by garry.

Unless its prominent for all to see I do not think its legit or even wants to known.

Yes it is true, he posted keys just 2 hours ago.


woops, I didnt mean to do that at all.

(User was banned for this post ("Leaking GMF content" - Gran PC))

why would garry want to let people see a special thread when he wants to limit the number of people in this new and unstable as fuck game

Because any thought otherwise would be to smert

wow great job breaking the gold comandments

can be edited in any paint prog. The proof is Garry actually stating that buy my game for 10 bucks and you get a key.