[Paid Job] 3D Intro

Howdy guys. Not sure if I’m posting in the right format or place.
I’m looking for a guy to fetch me a set of 3d intros for a project I’m taking part of.

A reference :

In detail :
• An intro with the logo, some funky animation I don’t know, whatever works. [PNG Available @ 5000x5000pixels]
• A set of overlays with IN & OUT animations for names and titles.

Hopefully any of you will jump on the opportunity and help me out.

And yeah, it’s paid. Although it’s an indie project, so if you’re PMing me offers and such, be sincere.



Is the correct usage.

Also make sure in future to make it http not https.

Extra detail : needs to be delivered by the 18th of July.

If anyone’s up.

AAA-intro like the Last of Us one in 14 days? No fucking problem :rolleyes:

oh wow something up my alley. I might be able to do this, but I am still a little bit confused on what you want. DO you want something like the IGN logo, just using the logo you provide? Also how much are you paying for this. PM me the details if you want.