Paid Job for an Experienced Programmer


Moderator, feel free to move this thread to Drop Dead or whichever.

looks like you missed the hire/recruitment thread

also your avatar makes me feel like if i accepted this you wouldnt leave me alone, even after the job is done. it scares me.

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also if the gamemode belongs to your community outright, the would imply that you have atleast lua coders in your community who have coded a gamemode, which means they know how to work lua. so updating shouldnt be a problem right? unless… the gamemode doesnt belong to you :open_mouth:

I didn’t post this in that thread as I didn’t even know it still existed over the years, but even then I probably still wouldn’t want to as it’s not against the rules, and that I’d rather it not be cluttered in and lost with all of the DarkRP/TTT edits and requests that have always filled those threads.

As for the game-mode, it was made back in 2010, just about when the community started. It’s been modified over the years here and there, but was originally ‘crafted’ by the Owner, who has lost an interest in Lua over the years, let alone all the changes that were made since then to GMod Lua. That being why we’re looking for someone to convert it. I also changed my avatar, specially just for you. :slight_smile:

You also have a better chance of havingnthe thread closed and all, there’s a thread for a reason.

Also, how do we know payment is guaranteed when you get the final version first?